The Company

Globotics Industries Inc. Canada is a multinational company and is certified, registered and licensed to operate in 79 countries across the globe. We entered the Canadian Market in 2012 and secured a position within the Husky Energy Sunrise project. We worked with Husky Energy to refine our Canadian systems to meet the needs of customers and to introduce the high standards of work Globotics is known for around the world. We have carefully researched the strict Canadian standards and are now can proudly say, “We are Canadian!”

We are ISO 9001 and are pleased to announce that we have had no serious untoward safety incidents in Canada or worldwide. Our employees and customers are our greatest assets and we take every measure to ensure their safety and success.

Globotics strategy is to create opportunities to start a great relationship with Canadian companies in multiple disciplines such as oil companies, general contractors, construction companies, engineering companies, services engineering companies that will provide beneficial success for all. Our team is currently providing services all over the world and in every scale with our largest project totalling 2.1 billion CAD . We have offices and department headquarters in Canada, United Kingdom and Switzerland. Our teams have worked in every climate and geography from oil sands in Canada to the deserts in the Middle East.

At Globotics we want to start strong Canadian relationships. Our goal is to develop Canadian relationships which maintain our commitment to integrity and quality. New to the Canadian market and with our extensive international projects we understand the challenges and requirements for local compliance. It is with our commitment to quality, which is the industry standard worldwide, that we offer the same opportunity we ask for. This is a partnership in which we support companies to expand, develop new relationships internationally, and earn international contracts. We believe our resources and expertise is an asset that we are willing to use to support Canadians in their expansion.


Number of Employees     300 full-time professional and administrative salaried staff and more                                            than 2500 trades people.

Markets                             Engineering, Procurement and Construction;                                            Oil & Gas, Industrial Construction, Waste Treatment Plant,                                            Pumping Station, Water Injection Plant, Compression Station,                                            Power Station, Prime Contracting, Industrial Installation,                                            Research and Development, Buildings, heavy industrial, and                                            civil infrastructure.

Project Target Range       $1 Million to $50 Million CAD.

Project Values                  Globotics is currently involved with more than 29 projects across                                            the globe. Globotics total project values for the current 29 projects                                            equals 20 million.

Safety                                Globotics goal is zero incidents. Globotics lost time frequency rate is                                            several times better than the industry average. We have a history of                                            no serious untoward incidents in the past 5 years.

Community Giving           In 2013, Globotics Industries Inc. Canada contributed to                                            humanitarian organizations.

Canadian Certification     Alberta Certificate of Registration (2117203964)
                                           British Columbia Certificate of Incorporation (BC0958643)
                                           ISO 9001: 2008
                                           WCB 7134745

The Globotics philosophy



Globotics Industries enforces a safe and healthy workplace for all our customers and employees. We ensure that all business activities are conducted in a manner that safe and beneficial and sustain the environment. Our greatest assets are our customers, our staff, and our community. We view our social responsibilities as a primary principle of all our business projects.

Our Principles:

• Guarantee the legislative conformity for HSE on every site and in every country.
• Comprehensive safety management procedures that meet and exceed Canadian standards.
Our procedures are designed to reduce the negative impacts on health, safety and environment reducing the risks for personnel, clients and society.
    • Hire and train dedicated HSE staff.
    • Ensure our corporate culture promotes and rewards reporting of unsafe conditions.
• Guarantee the efficiency and practices of our monitoring system and we strive to continuously
   improve our HSE preventative measures.
• Annual review of all HSE hazards and consult with ISO to continually reduce risk.
• Communicate our policies and procedures to customers and staff to always ensure    understanding and compliance.
• Our risk analysis includes the review and reduction of costly waste of resources.
• Actively promote the culture and knowledge of HSE at all levels of our organization.
• Continually strive to improve HSE performance.

All Globotics employees are committed to the proactive integration of HSE objectives into every aspect of our daily work.

All Globotics personnel are responsible for implementing and maintaining the HSE management system and proactively contributing to the optimization of services. Contractors and Subcontractors work in accordance with this policy and comply with all applicable HSE legislation. Enforcement and compliance are achieved through annual review and audit.

Our staff and partners reflect our image, principles, and practices. We provide the tools and resources to ensure a safe workplace and in return we insist our staff are equally responsible in the maintenance and improvement of our services. Everyone is responsible for recognizing that any risk, no matter how small, is unacceptable. Our responsibility is to each other and our communities.