Engineering Procurement and Construction Services

The quality of our engineering effort is demonstrated by our comprehensive reporting systems. Globotics Industries provides effective solutions for any type of project, from the design of a new facility, to enhancing current facilities, through to revamps, upgrades or restarts. Our systems are built upon a successive history of large projects, administered by a team of highly trained professionals. Our project controls team and its up-to-date database is the foundation of our project predictability indicators.

Project progress reports can be provided daily and include time, cost, estimates, projections, and solutions. Globotics Industries comprehensive Industrial Engineering programs meet and exceed all local, national, and international requirements. As an ISO 9001 certified company, and with current registration in 79 countries, Globotics Industries has the required expertise, resources, experience, and history to guarantee increased efficiency, employee and customer satisfaction, and increased success with every project completed.
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