Health Safety Environment

Globotics Industries is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for people who works in our organization ensuring that all business activities are conducted in a manner that is sustainable for the environment.

These principles are translates in the following principles:

• Guarantee the legislative conformity for HSE.
• Apply a preventive strategy to reduce the negative impacts on health, safety and environment reducing the risks for personnel, clients and society.
• Guarantee the efficiency of monitoring system and continuous improve HSE preventive measure.
• Review periodically the HSE hazards analysis and treat the criticality to reduce the risks or impacts to acceptable levels.
• Communicate the Globotics Industries commitment to improve HSE condition.
• Reduction of waste of resources.
• Promote the culture and knowledge of HSE at all levels of the organization.
• Continual improvement of HSE performance.

General Manager are committed to the proactive integration of HSE objectives into the management system at all levels while the Board shall regularly review HSE performance.

All personnel operating for Globotics Industries shall be responsible for implementing and maintaining the HSE management system and proactively contribute to the optimization. Contractors and Subcontractors shall work in accordance with this policy and comply with applicable HSE legislation. With proper audit activities about HSE our company shall be determine conformance to the management system.

Each one who works for Globotics Industries is the image of the company and is responsible to maintain and increase the trust and the respect that our name arouse. Working safely, in an environmentally appropriate manner using company rules are necessary conditions to perform the job. Everyone is responsible for recognizing that by risking incident or injury, they are putting in jeopardy the future of our society.